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BIB bag-in-box & pouch packaging for coffee & tea reduces waste

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bag-in-box for coffee packaging

Specialty coffees and teas are growing in popularity and variety both in and outside the home, and as demand increases, we continue to develop innovative standard and aseptic packaging solutions to support your product and sustainability goals. Flexible bag-in-box and pouch packaging reduces waste, maximizes storage efficiency and most importantly preserves your products’ quality and flavor. We offer packaging solutions for hot coffee and tea, iced coffee and cold brew, ready-to-drink tea, concentrates and coffee-related products such as flavored syrups and creamers.

bag-in-box for coffee packaging

Bag-in-box is also an ideal packaging solution to enter the e-commerce channel. Your coffee and tea products are well protected all the way to their final destination: no secondary re-boxing or bubble wrap is required and plastic nozzles or caps are protected, which prevents damage and leaks. Due to its cubed design bag-in-box takes up less space which means additional loads of product can fit on fewer delivery trucks.


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