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Bag in box for Edible Oil 1L 1.5L 3L 5L 10L 15L 20L 220L

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Are you looking for an economic, advantageous packaging for your wine product?
FD-packingbags offers high-quality bag in box for Edible Oil packaging to help you increasing efficiency and profitability, meanwhile enhance the experience of your customers.Bag in box for edible oilBag in box for oil


Capacity: 1 liter to 220 liter (300 gallons) available

Film Structure:

  • Laminated film:  Outer layer: LLDPE/VMPET/LLDPE,  Inner Layer: PE or PE+PE

  • Coextruded film:EVOH or COPA film

Sterilization: Irradiation 10 kgy at least.

Key Advantages:

  • Bag in box packaging cost is only 1/3 of glass bottles.

  • Save 1/4 costs of transportation and storage as compared to glass bottles.

  • One-time use, avoid the costs of recycling glass bottles.

  • Easy to carry, no risk of glass breakage.

  • Easy to open, no need of opener.

  • Extend the shelf life of wine to 6 weeks after being opened.

  • High production efficiency and low equipment cost for filling enterprises.


  • Wine dispenser
  • Pre-mixed alcoholic drinks
  • Rice Wine
  • Liqueur


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